CodeOne does the hard work to make sure more money ends up in your pocket. We promise to work harder and faster for you than anyone else.

CodeOne is a physician advocate that provides a long-term medical reimbursement solution to allow our clients to financially thrive and focus on the medical mission of treating their patients.

We utilize technology that externalizes the billing process and provides relevant, timely reports that assists our clients in making decisions about their practices.

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In 2001, John Clarke founded CodeOne, a leading physician practice reimbursement company.  John’s passion for the client base is in the DNA of the our Way, which is a transformative business partner in the revenue cycle.  

As the Chief Technologist, John has responsibility for all aspects of the technology and teams working to improve client’s revenue cycle experience and outcomes.  

John is a serial entrepreneur and innovator.  He founded and led manufacturing companies in California with successful exits for the ownership team.  

John also served his country in the United States Air Force as a non-commissioned officer working in disaster relief and recovery.  

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Chris is the Chairman of CodeOne, a leading physician practice reimbursement technology system. Chris is also one of the founding partners of Rydell Holdings, a Private Equity firm based in Waco, Texas, and oversees the growth, operations, and performance of all the portfolio companies owned by Rydell.

Chris founded SCG in 2007, a research firm specializing in high-performance organizations. His primary focus was on assisting leadership teams and boards in designing customized processes to capture new markets, which he sold in 2012. He was also one of the architects of the Entrepreneurial Fitness Report, an assessment process to identify innovative leaders in entrepreneurial environments. He has worked across a variety of industries, both nationally and internationally, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to family offices.

Chris is a graduate from Baylor University, where he played football and baseball for the Bears. Chris and his wife Libby are the proud parents of four beautiful girls, who keep life fun and chaotic!



Francey has been in healthcare revenue cycle management for 20 years and currently serves as Director of Operations of CodeOne. She oversees the company’s standards and is responsible for developing and directing innovative initiatives relating to today’s changing healthcare industry. Under her leadership, the organization has leveraged technology to drive operational improvements and enhance revenue cycle management adding value to all. She is the driver for building high performing teams, efficiencies, process improvements, and data/metrics. Her dynamic leadership and strategic direction has led to the successful execution of business objectives.

Francey is married and has two children. When she is not innovating, she enjoys traveling, gardening, and paddleboarding.

Photo of staff member
Photo of staff member

Jon Osborne

Chief Strategy Officer

Jon is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and has spent the last fifteen years practicing medicine and starting companies inside and outside of healthcare. Passionate about physician reimbursements and financial excellence, Jon is thrilled to help doctors maximize their earnings with the cutting-edge analytics.

During his physician career, Jon has started four clinics. His first two clinics, Central Texas Urgent Care, were sold to NextCare Inc in 2012. Currently, he is the majority owner of Prestige Healthcare, a Northern California direct primary care company with two clinics in Redding. Jon also cofounded MedStar Recruiting, a physician recruitment firm specializing in cardiology, and SimpleBills, a utility bill-paying service that was acquired by the multinational company RealPage in 2019.
Working across healthcare as a physician and business owner, Jon understands the pains faced by doctors in an evolving landscape that challenges individual physicians and physician groups.

Jon obtained his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University and his medical degree at University of North Texas Health Science Center. Jon currently lives in Waco, Texas and is honored to be married to his wife and business partner, Christi. They have three wonderful and active children.

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