Difficulties Physicians Face

  • Declining Revenues
  • Starting a new practice
  • Pressure & gamesmanship from payers
  • Complicated software & lack of useful pre-made reports

Today’s Environment

  • Declining Revenues
  • Increased Cost to Collect
  • Lack of “Quality Information” needed to run your business

The CodeOne Solution

  • We oversee revenue reconciliation
  • Helpful & insightful reporting for you and your team
  • Practice Management software included

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You do what you do best: serve the client. We’ll do what we do best: work to give you greater insight & more money in your pocket.

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Satisfied CodeOne Clients

  • I have been in practice for over twenty-six years now and after being with codeone for one year, this is the best month of income I have ever had. I would not be in business without CodeOne's services.
    John M. Christiansen
    M.D., PC
  • CodeOne has enabled us to be in control of the financial health of our practice and continue to practice medicine while the reimbursement process has continued to become more complicated and time-consuming.
    Scott Fisher
    M.D., F.A.C.S., of C.S.S.A
  • CodeOne has been instrumental in significantly increasing our revenue by collecting all the monies due to us.
    Brock Bordelon
    M.D., FACS
    Colorado Springs Surgical Associates
  • I have only been out on my own for two years and would not have known how to approach the reimbursement process. CodeOne helped me understand what it entails, organized my billing processes and optimized my reimbursement. I don't have to worry about it.
    Adam Wolfe